paperless office

Why Your Business Needs to Go Paperless

The decision to go paperless can benefit not only your company and your employees, but it is also a way to protect the environment. Aside from the many options being provided by technology, going green is also the trend in businesses right now in order to lessen the effect of climate change. On the … Read More

Business Plan

7 Steps to Writing Your Perfect Business Plan

Many entrepreneurs write a business plan only when they need to secure financing. However, a business plan isn't just a fund-raising tool. It’s an invaluable roadmap for launching and growing your business. Writing out your business plan forces you to review everything at once: your value … Read More

Social media on Smartphone

7 Ways To Build Your Brand Through Social Media

Brand awareness, or as some call it, brand identity, gives people a sense of who you are and what you represent. In today’s digital networking environment, your brand can’t afford to ignore major networks like Facebook , Twitter, Google+,LinkedIn,  Instagram, Pinterest, etc. When used … Read More