12 Things to Make Yourself Happy at Work

Posted on Dec 03, 2015 by admin

Most people say happiness is an inside job. However, based on contrary beliefs, there are moments when no matter how much we try to stretch our smiles far beyond the rim of our faces, we just couldn’t help but conjure the negativity inside us. As awful as it sounds, happiness can sometimes be just as elusive; and the funny thing is, it could be twice as much when you’re at work.

Why did you quit your last job? Why are you planning to quit your current job? If we dig deeper into these questions, there is only one universal answer, no matter who you are.

You’re simply not happy. Are you?

You could name a stringy list of supporting reasons – salary too low, pressure too high, or responsibilities too mediocre – and the list goes on. But at the end of the day, the decision whether you stay or you go banks on those tiny neurons breathing inside your limbic system – your emotion controller.

Statistics states that less than 20% of employees feel genuinely happy at work and those who actually do are six times more productive, more innovative, and more motivated than their unhappy mates. While Psychology attests that a part of your happiness is a matter of genetic reflexes, the good news is that majority of it is totally up to you. So who says happiness isn’t a choice?

Why is happiness important at work

Employees used to believe that as long as you are witty and diligent, you can be successful in any venture you want. It doesn’t matter whether you interact well with your colleagues or share the same values with your boss; it’s just “nothing personal.” Such reasoning sounds sluggish. The truth is, happier people work harder and smarter; and they are contagious.

Furthermore, your mental health and emotional well-being are as important as the reports you outline on your computer. Being professionally productive and personally happy should go parallel to each other – unfortunately, that’s not how most workers see it. The inverse proportion of happiness and career growth has been ironically accepted as a way of life.

How can you disprove such myth?

Here are 12 things you can do to make yourself happy at work.

  • Start your day with something interesting.

Try to do something you are passionate about everyday, no matter how small it is. It could be a quick exercise, short note to your fiance, a few hugs and kisses from your kids, or a morning sip of hot coffee. Do it slowly. Savor every moment and sense the vibration that runs through your spine, all the way to your heart. It may sound cheesy but it relieves stress and preps you for a long day at work. Studies show that employees who have had a great mood in the morning perform better throughout the day.

  • Leave personal issues at home.

Personal problems distract you from work and cause you to become counterproductive.  Unwarranted stress hijacks your emotions and wears you out completely. As much as possible, attend to your personal issues before heading out to your office.

  • Have a sense of direction.

Keep the future in mind. Build short-term objectives that will contribute to your long-term goals. This will help you find satisfaction in your activities because it allows you to perform meaningful work. Create a meaning for yourself like having your compass at work. Ask questions like, “Why am I here?” and “Where will this lead me?”

  • Build an office nest.

You probably will spend more hours in your workstation than you do in your bed. Own your space and make it as comfortable as it could possibly be. If you have an eye for art, decorate your station and put in your family picture as your source of inspiration.

  • Keep things organized.

A messy workplace leaves you disoriented, confused, and internally chaotic. Not only does it waste your time in groping for lost items, it affects your mood badly. You may not notice it, but a disorganized area can stress you out implicitly.

  • Get in touch with a reliable support system

Make friends! No man is an island, even if you literally work from home. It adds fun, increases confidence, and establishes teamwork. It reinforces harmony and encourages communication among team members. Trusted colleagues can be a great support system too!

  • Reward yourself.

Never deprive bonuses to yourself. You deserve them. Whether it’s an expensive dinner, a dress that accentuates your beauty, or a simple getaway; find the time to reward yourself after a hard day’s work or after accomplishing a difficult task or project.

  • Be grateful.

Absorb the positive things in life and say thank you for all the good that has come. Being grateful means being satisfied and when the gratitude is reciprocated by others, the ecstasy comes in a hundred folds.

  • Don’t be judgmental.

Avoid gossips and stop judging people for what they do especially when you don’t know them well enough. These things welcome negativity.

  • Be healthy.

Eating the right kind of food and staying hydrated help you to maintain a high level of energy and resistance to stressors.

  • Help your colleagues.

It’s the golden rule. Do unto others what you want others do unto you. Besides, helping others gives you a heightened sense of self-worth. Being philanthropic is truly rewarding.

  • Love life.

Lastly, love your work not because you need it, but because it helps you become the person that you are. And don’t stop at being happy at work. Most importantly, be happy with life.

Happiness is a choice; therefore, choose to be happy. Oftentimes, it’s not about the kind of job you’re stuck with. Whether it’s a dreadful work or one that’s sent from heaven, it is your attitude towards it that makes all the difference. If you feel like you have done enough and the pang is still there, then leave by all means and search for a better one. Happiness is truly a way of life and it is but human nature to carry on and keep finding it. And if you do, you’re one hell of a lucky person so don’t ever let it go.

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