25 Habits of Born Entrepreneurs

Posted on Nov 26, 2015 by admin

Not all people are born to be entrepreneurs. Some are born to excel in the creatives, while some are destined to become great politicians and social workers. Moreover, there are those people who simply live and breathe for business; they possess the entrepreneurial blood. And this blood keeps running through their veins like it was intentionally conceived for them since they stepped into the world. It seems as though they speak the language of capital and labor the earliest; which sometimes leads us to think, “Are they born entrepreneurs for real?”

While many would argue that a successful businessman is cultivated rather than born, and that a few are just damn lucky, we can’t help but think that there are chief executives who have the innate knack to run the global trade. Think of the late Steve Jobs or the Microsoft founder, Bill Gates – the rocks of IT and Technology which are now ringing loudly in the BPO industry. Do you think they had their names etched on the clouds before they became the business giants they were or still are? Or did they simply climb their way towards the beanstalk’s highest point?

Whether it is nature or nurture, the truth is great entrepreneurs share common habits that contribute largely to their victory. Here are the 25 habits of born entrepreneurs. How many do you actually have?

  1. You devise and revise. You are mesmerized with creating and innovating, rather than simply following. You don’t just stick to trends. You invent them.
  2. You spend wisely. You are economical. You invest on quality expenditures and never waste money on exaggerated luxury.
  3. You self-teach. Because you are eager to broaden your knowledge, you don’t wait for people to teach you skills. You find means to learn them yourself.
  4. You don’t decide too quickly or too slowly. You are always on timing. Investors trust you because you can come up with the right decisions on difficult circumstances.
  5. You don’t give up easily. You are the go-getter! You don’t stop reaching for your dreams even when faced with grave adversities; however, you know when it is time to let go.
  6. You encourage communication. You love to show transparency by constantly communicating to your colleagues because you know that is how you can earn their trust.
  7. You always see the glass half full. You always see the brighter side of things. You don’t allow negativity to consume you.
  8. You focus on important things. You don’t easily get distracted. You maintain laser focus on relevant matters because you know the value of discipline.
  9. You know what to prioritize. You can distinguish the important from the unimportant, and the urgent from the ones that are not.
  10. You always keep a check list. You are a logical person. You always list things in order so you don’t miss out any relevant task.
  11. You think outside the box. You don’t stop at what’s there. You innovate to make things better.
  12. You take risks. Even though you understand that business is all about winning or losing, you go for it anyway.
  13. You see the bigger picture. You are visionary. You are able to identify whatever it is that contributes to your goal. You see the grand scheme of things.
  14. You break the rules sometimes. You are not afraid to deviate from the conventional. You explore. But that doesn’t mean you are a bad ass. You keep things balanced.
  15. You seek challenge. You love to try new things out and challenge yourself so you can become better. You upgrade yourself.
  16. You see others’ potentials. You have a special eye that can see past through their bones. And when you do, you cultivate them to unleash their hidden talents. You are a powerful motivator.
  17. You help people. You have this passion to contribute not only to your business, but to your community as well. Successful entrepreneurs often support charities of their own.
  18. You befriend even the most unlikely of people. You are a darling of the crowd. You talk to everyone, even to strangers, because you are aware that you will learn a lot from them. You appreciate diversity.
  19. You dream a lot. You are ambitious. You set goals for yourself and you build dreams to motivate yourself. When you fulfill one, you dream another. You don’t stop at one inch of success.
  20. You practise humility. You don’t boast your achievements. Instead, you set them as examples so other people can emulate your footsteps.
  21. You inspire people. You use your achievements and experiences to drive people to work hard and reach for their goals.
  22. You love to see people successful. You are never jealous. You help people reach their dreams instead of pushing them downwards so you get on top. You don’t play dirty games.
  23. You use failures as your stepping stones. You don’t get discouraged when you fail. Instead, you feel even more motivated to try harder. You take them as stepping stones to reach your dreams, not as roadblocks.
  24. You live for the future. You don’t dwell on your past mistakes. You work hard to build your future.
  25. You make sacrifices. You don’t stay on your comfort zone. You understand that there are things you need to let go in order to be successful. You make the right sacrifices.

So, how many of these habits do you possess? Do you consider yourself a born entrepreneur? If you practise a majority of the list, then you probably are. The most important thing is that you are aware of what your key strengths are and that you are using them to cultivate yourself. If some of those habits don’t fit you, try to improve yourself and make sure your habits help you to become a better person and a businessman.

If you don’t think you have the innate capabilities to be an effective leader or entrepreneur, don’t distress. Remember to always see the glass half full; so nurture yourself. You can be anyone you want to be as long as you have the determination and the drive to achieve your desired state.

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