5 Tips to Reach the Top as a Virtual Assistant on Social Media

Posted on Sep 08, 2017 by admin

There’s a common misconception that virtual assistants merely work with accounts, data input and general day-to-day business operations. However, did you know there are also several social media management positions?

More and more businesses are seeing the benefits of hiring someone to manage their social media accounts. After all, although it’s important, it’s often the last thing business owners feel like taking care of.

Most beneficial is the ability to manage social media accounts from home. This is why virtual staffing positions are being opened up to include social media. It’s a new trend that’s not only catching on, but taking off as well given the competitive landscape in today’s business trends.

Below are five tips for virtual assistants to reach the top on social media.

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Know your market

If you have been tasked with the job of managing a social media page for a business or company, you need to know all there is to know about them. You need to know their products, their morals, their values, and most importantly, their market.

If you don’t know the target market of the business you are working for, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep them engaged.

For example, let’s say you have been tasked with keeping an agricultural machinery social media account active. If you don’t know that their target market is farmers, you could be in a lot of trouble.

If you aren’t posting content that would interest farmers or agricultural contractors, how do you keep consumers engaged? You wouldn’t. You have to really know the market, know what interests them, and post content accordingly.  

Knowing the market doesn’t just mean being aware of who your content is directed at, either. It means you have to do in-depth research to stay on top of trends in that particular industry. For example, if regulations are changing within the agricultural industry, it would be prudent to inform people of these on your Facebook page. It’s a good idea to subscribe to a range of different newsletters and updates from various businesses and companies within the same industry for ideas and inspiration.

Keep up with your competition

If you are to successfully manage a social media page for a business or company, you need to know what others in the same industry are doing. The ultimate goal is to make sure you’re getting ahead or are at least keeping up. Be on the ball. Know what they are posting and what is working for them. Find out how they have their social media page laid out. Is it formatted to be easier for readers? Does it represent their brand well?

It can be tricky to follow your competition discretely if you worked directly with and for the company. However, as you are a part of a virtual assistant service, no one within the industry will know who you are. This makes tracking other competing businesses a breeze.  

Keeping up with your competition doesn’t necessarily just mean watching what they are doing on social media and following suit. It’s also about making sure your marketing and advertising solutions are as attractive as theirs. Learn why theirs are so successful. Are they quirky or witty? Do they use bright colours? The aim is not to copy what they are doing, the aim is to do better than what they are doing.

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Learn basic graphic design

It’s all well and good to provide a virtual staffing solution in the form of social media management, but you need to play the role well. Posting pure text constantly on a social media page will ensure your page is on a fast downwards spiral. People need visuals and lots of them. This is why it’s important you brush up on your graphic design skills. This doesn’t mean you need to rush out and buy Adobe Creative Suite, but it does mean you need to be aware of what works and what doesn’t. Why not check out how businesses generally advertise? Find out how other people are making sure their business pages are vibrant and appealing on the eye.

If you are looking to post informative, graphic posts on your company’s social media page, there are ways to do it that don’t break the bank. You can use websites such as www.canva.com which provide you with free social media post templates. These are visually appealing and can be customised to suit your field. They are even sized to fit profile pictures, cover photos and post sizes on Facebook perfectly.

Build up a portfolio of successful campaigns

If you are looking to make a career out of social media account management, it pays to keep examples of jobs you have successfully completed.

Businesses will be more likely to hire you if they can see you have run successful campaigns which have produced positive results.

After you manage one account, take regular screenshots of insights from the page before you took over, as well as after you took over. Try to keep examples of particular posts which have received good feedback as well. Be sure to gain the permission of your client to ensure they are happy being used as an example. Otherwise, you can simply link potential clients to the company’s social media page so they can see the results for themselves.

A nice, tidy and organised portfolio is sure to attract the attention of people looking to hire virtual assistants to manage their social media presence. Provide examples of each kind of post type (e.g. video, standard post, graphic post, competition, etc) as well as the insights for each underneath.

It also pays to include ‘like’ data – the increase of ‘likes’ in a period of time.

Learn how to manage negative feedback

Most social media platforms – especially Facebook – include a ‘reviews’ section where customers can share their experiences with a particular business, company or brand. While businesses always aim for five-star reviews, some customers don’t experience five-star service.

Even though you’re ‘just the messenger’ you still need to manage the situation. A successful social media manager is one who can remain calm under pressure and resolve a situation successfully. The problem is, the entire process now has to be done publicly.

Before social media became popular, customers used to phone or email businesses if they weren’t happy with the service. Now, more often than not, they are publicly voicing their concerns for all to see. This can be particularly damaging for a brand or business, depending on the claims of the complainant.

When you are given a one-star review or a customer has publicly posted on your business page, you should always contact them publicly, first.

You then need to contact the business you work for to find out what they are prepared to do, to resolve the situation. In some cases, they may take over themselves. In others, they may provide you with the means and authority to handle it yourself.

If the company is happy for you to act on their behalf, you should:

  • Comment on their post to apologise for how they feel about your business/product/brand. Promise to get to the bottom of it and thank them for the time they took to review your business/product/brand.
  • Contact them via private message to find out what happened, and offer compensation in the form of a replacement product or a free product or service.
  • Check and monitor their review/comment on the company’s page. More than likely others may come forward with similar complaints or will post possibly negative feedback as well.
  •  If any of those comments sound like they could be genuine customers with valid concerns, publicly comment to apologise to them individually and follow up with a private message.

Social media management is a new job type, but it’s one that will continue to grow.

Are you a social media manager? How did you get into it? What do you do for your clients? We would love to hear from you!

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