6 Attributes Your Virtual Assistant Needs to Have for a Perfect Virtual Staffing Team

Posted on Sep 11, 2017 by admin

It can be hard to find the perfect virtual assistant – the one that has you wondering how your business got so lucky. After all, any business may go through several virtual assistants before they find the one (or two) that fit into their business perfectly.

The reason it can be so hard to find a good virtual assistant is because not everyone can work unsupervised. Virtual assistants are required to work virtually. This means they aren’t working at your place of business as they are merely providing a service that helps your business run smoothly.

Below are six attributes your virtual assistant needs to have to make a perfect virtual team.

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They get jobs completed on time

Any business owner will tell you that the biggest problem they face with virtual staff is having them complete jobs on time. When the majority of tasks are related to accountancy, data input and invoicing, it’s important that these are completed on time. Often, end-of-the-month work can have a very strict deadline. So, when a virtual assistant is able to provide the full service – including completing these jobs in a timely manner, you know you have found a virtual staffing team that’s perfect. As your assistant(s) will need to work unsupervised, it’s important they are able to follow your schedule. The last thing you have time for is following up to see where data or financial information is, days after assigning it in the first place.

A good virtual assistant is also one that won’t make excuses for late work. Of course, if there are valid excuses, you should have empathy. However, a good virtual assistant will inform you of an emergency or a situation in which they cannot produce the results on time. Communicating any problems can ensure you and your virtual staff member continue to have a good virtual relationship.

When you’ve found the virtual assistant that continues to impress, hold onto them!

They are in constant contact

As a virtual staff member generally works from home, it’s important you know what they are working on, on any given day. Constant contact is important. In fact, one of the biggest problems in virtual staffing is the lack of contact. Whether that’s caused by time zone differences or poor communication, you need to find that virtual staffing solution. That’s why you know you’ve struck gold when your virtual staff member is in constant contact. Whether this is through providing you with a timeline of how they spent their day, or holding a weekly conference call with you; any kind of contact is good contact.

A virtual assistant who sets aside time in their day to enlighten you on their progress is one which holds their profession in high regard. They are a professional who is well worth holding onto within your business.

However, business owners should be careful not to demand minute-by-minute accounts of their virtual assistant’s day. There has to be trust within your relationship. If you don’t feel you can trust your virtual assistant, or you’re finding inconsistencies between the work produced and the hours charged out, ask the question. You can’t work with people you can’t trust.

They are proactive

One sign of a good virtual assistant is proactivity. Have you ever set your virtual assistant a task that didn’t quite make sense? Were they able to solve the problem themselves? Did they go ahead and complete the job, knowing what you really meant?

Did they complete a task and instantly go to the next task before you even assigned it? This is a sign of a proactive and professional virtual assistant who provides an excellent service.

There are so many virtual assistants out there who don’t know how to actively produce results their employers want and deserve.

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They have excellent attention to detail

When it comes to data input, mistakes can drastically affect the results. That’s why it’s important you look for virtual assistant services with staff members who know how to do their job professionally and accurately.

You know you’re onto a winner when your virtual assistant provides consistent accurate data and results that are 100 percent perfect. Of course, on odd occasions, a mistake is acceptable, but attention to detail is a good quality to have in your virtual assistant.

They go the extra mile

Many virtual assistants provide a service purely for money, whilst others call it a way of life. If you find a virtual assistant that constantly goes the extra mile to benefit your business, hold onto them.

They are the ones that:

  • Provide additional information/data you didn’t ask for, but would most likely need
  • Work later when they know you need that information or data urgently
  • Ask if there’s anything further they can help you with – above and beyond their job description
  • Don’t leave jobs unfinished
  • Offer advice and ideas to benefit your business
  • Want to find out more about your business to help them within their job, and to help you

It can be hard to find that virtual assistant who wants to help your business succeed, so when you do, you’ve struck gold.

They are accountable

Sometimes mistakes can happen, especially when calculations, data and numbers are involved. As a business owner, it’s your job to check over the information that’s been provided. But it’s also important that you take note of how many mistakes your virtual assistant is making. Don’t overreact to small mistakes, and don’t let your virtual assistant get away when committing big mistakes.

The best virtual assistant is one that is accountable for their actions. They correct their mistakes; they don’t pass the buck and they accept responsibility for their errors. It’s this humility that will ensure your relationship with your VA stands the test of time.

It may take time to get a virtual staffing team within your business to work well with you and with each other. However, you will know when you’ve found the perfect team. They will be honest, reliable, easy to contact and accountable for their actions. Have you found the perfect virtual assistant yet? How did you find them? How did you know they were a perfect fit for your business? Let us know all about it!

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