7 Ways Your Mobile Technology Could be Killing Your Productivity

Posted on Jul 04, 2016 by admin

In this day and age, smartphones are key essentials that everybody must have. Things such as calling a taxi, ordering food on the go, and paying bills are only a few of the things that technology can give us. Most people today are glued to their smartphones. They use it to text, check e-mails, socialize, listen to music, or play games, among so many other things. Smartphones are essential to stay connected and have become a vital part of our lives. But, as the saying goes, “With great power, comes great responsibility.”  So can this type of technology be actually bad for us? Can it actually do more harm than good? Today we’ll talk about the 7 ways your mobile technology could be killing your productivity.


There are a growing number of distractions that threaten to infringe on your sleep. A quick glance at the glowing screen on your smartphone at night may turn out to be disastrous. Without self-control, it has the ability to get you glued on it for hours on end. And It is believed that the displays on most smartphones decrease melatonin production which lowers likelihood of falling asleep. Melatonin is a chemical that is released in the body and promotes sleep. The point is that it decreases your sleep time that ultimately zaps you of that much needed energy for tomorrow. Try to put your phone in silent mode and do something that will get you right into bed. Listen to music, read a book or do something that you know will get you sleepy – just don’t look at your smartphone. It may be a tough task but it’s all worth it.

Notifications and work productivity

Let’s face it, phones are distracting.  How well can workers be doing their job if they are constantly checking their phone for texts or social media feeds? Multitasking guarantees that the quality and quantity of their work will certainly go down. If your company allows you to have your phones when you work (which most of the time they do), then it’s up to you to make sure that you do more work than you do liking those instagram posts. Put your phone face down, away from your reach or try the silent mode method and see your productivity fly up again!

Longer meetings

Meetings tend to get longer because either the person holding it or the joining staff have their cellphones with them. It’s all about focus and having your smartphone with you is a no go at meetings. Getting an unimportant phone call or e-mail could drag a meeting longer, therefore decreasing your productivity for the day.  This is why successful people never bring their smartphones into meetings. It frees them of an extra burden to be obliged to answer their phone and gets them to finish that meeting faster.

It distracts as it vibrates.. or you think it did

If you think your phone just vibrated but it actually didn’t, then you’re most likely suffering from what’s called as a phantom vibration syndrome. Phantom vibration syndrome or phantom ringing is the perception that one’s mobile phone is vibrating or ringing, when in fact the telephone is not doing so.  Other terms for this concept include ringxiety and fauxcellarm (a play on false alarm). If you’re wondering how this compulsion could possibly affect the workplace, take a look around your office and see how many of your colleagues check their smartphones every five minutes.

What was that again?

Checking your smartphone while having a conversation with your colleague or managers is just asking for distractions. We all know that focused listening is a key element to be an effective worker and how can you do this when you always say “what was that again?” You aren’t demonstrating the attention and thinking that is required of a truly active listener when you’re doing this so put your smartphone away until lunch time and have that important conversation!

Working hazard

If your work requires you to drive a truck, operate heavy machinery or construction, using your smartphones while working can be quite disastrous. How many texting-while-driving accidents must we watch to make us realize that it can ultimately lead to an accident waiting to happen? Distracted working is bad enough in an office and it is certainly worse for these types of jobs. The stem of the problem is the lack of self-control and discipline. The irony is, you DON’T need your cellphones while working these types of jobs so the ability to just completely turn them off is very much okay. You can also download apps that prevent you from texting while driving.

Confidentiality issues

An often overlooked issue regarding the use of cellphones in the workplace is a violation of privacy rights. Most phones are equipped with the capability of taking and sending pictures to other phones and email addresses and this may put important business information and confidential operating processes at risk of being exposed. An employee could unintentionally violate another employee’s privacy rights by sending them picture of them or their property. This could lead to lawsuits or other forms of problems for the employer. Such lawsuits come from the most unexpected places where phones are not allowed, examples of which are contact centers where taking pictures inside the office is prohibited. Employees have been actually terminated when found caught.

Now that we know how phones affect us and our work, we must do our part and make sure that none of this will happen. Again, utilize the basic practices such as turning your phone to silent mode, putting your phone face down, away from your reach or just completely shutting them off. It may just be the thing you need to be more productive and safer at work.

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