Avoid Losing Your Job as a Virtual Assistant With These Five Tips

Posted on Sep 04, 2017 by admin

It’s a tough world out there. Thousands of people are made redundant from their jobs every year as businesses are caught in a tough economic climate. But how do you reduce the risk of that happening to you? How do you make yourself valuable to the point that your employer does better financially with you than without you? No one is safe from the risk of redundancy or being fired, but there are ways to greatly reduce the risk.

Here’s how you can avoid losing your job as a virtual assistant.

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You can go above and beyond for your employer

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a virtual assistant or a worker within a physical location, you can always go above and beyond for your employer. You see, the key to being a successful and valued employee is ensuring your job is more than just your job. If you see it as a paycheck and nothing else, it might be time to do something else. You can never truly give it your all if you’re under the illusion that your job is your given right, not a privilege.

If you fail to see that you’re expendable, and don’t give your employer a hundred percent of your efforts, you are more likely to be made redundant. It might not happen now, but your boss may consider it as part of a restructuring solution in the future.

No one is above redundancy, but you can help reduce the risk by making sure your employer knows just how much you do for them.

You can get involved in idea sharing within your workplace

Just because you aren’t based in the same area as your employer, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on sharing ideas and information. In fact, the more you become involved, the more you are appreciated as a virtual assistant who goes the extra mile. The best virtual assistant is one who doesn’t consider location as a barrier; in fact, one who becomes involved in the employer’s business. If you aren’t in a position to visit your employer’s business, you can always ask to be included in any conference calls or regular meetings that your team is involved in.

This is a prime opportunity for you to not only keep yourself up-to-date with the inner workings of the business, but to enable you to think of better ways to complete your work to the benefit of the business.

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You can upskill yourself to be of better value to your employer

In order to become a virtual assistant, you would have had to learn the skillset you currently possess. Whether it’s self-taught or you were able to get a degree – either way is valuable. However, technology is changing at a rapid pace. Take the virtual assistant job as an example. Such a job never used to exist. This goes to show that the internet is changing the way we do things. This is why it’s important that you upskill. You need to have your finger on the pulse on bigger and better ways to do things. You need to know about new technology, new websites and new opportunities within the realm of virtual staffing in order to be the best virtual assistant you can be.

The best part is, upskilling yourself is as much for you as it is for your employer. New skills are valuable, and you can always add them to your resume. This allows you to move up the ranks within any workplace to hold a position of higher authority or ranking. Although this could be the end goal, the stepping stones in the middle are equally as important. You can reduce the risk of losing your job as a virtual administrative assistant if you show enough passion and drive to be the best version of you. Constantly upskill, constantly grow and constantly show you are doing all you can to be of benefit to your employer.

You can learn as much as possible about the business

When you enter the workforce as a virtual assistant, it’s beneficial to learn all there is to know about the people and business you are working for. This includes its products, services, staff, morals, values, mission and even its core message. If you are simply doing the work and sending it to your employer, you’re passable, but you’re not passionate. You need to know the inner workings of your business and come up with bigger and better ways of doing things.

For example, let’s say you were providing all your financial information via email, courier and file sharing. Your boss may have several virtual assistants, and they are all providing information in the same way. You know the business is not working as well as it could be – you’ve seen for yourself that the business is behind the times. So, make a suggestion. Cloud-based finance software is the way of the future. Suggest this to the boss, show that it’s an effective method of sharing financial data, and provide information on how it can reduce the margin for error and be a more seamless method of data sharing. It’s examples like these that show your boss that you understand the business and want what’s best.

You can form a better working relationship with your boss

As they say, you don’t bite the hand that feeds you. No truer words have been said in the case of employer vs. employee. If you don’t have a good working relationship with your boss, you can almost guarantee your place within the business is not a long-term arrangement. If you’ve found yourself unfavourable with your employer, you first need to find out why. Have you done something to annoy them professionally or personally? Do you not complete your work on time? Is your work error-ridden? Find out the cause, and take it from there.

Having a good working relationship with your boss can build trust and can also allow you to further your career. It can even prove to be beneficial for the business owner as well as you, that is if you show yourself as someone who’s reliable and trustworthy.

Working as a virtual assistant is hard work, especially when you can lose your income stream in an instant. The key is to stop treating it as just income. How did you become invaluable to your employer? We would love to know your tips and tricks.

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