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5 Commitments You Need to Make to Become a Great Leader

March 03, 2016 By Admin

What makes a great a leader in today’s world? A lot of us picture a leader that can do it all. A confident, all-knowing person whose decisions benefit all those he protects. Ah yes, it does sound like a description fit for the great leaders from the days of yore (General George S. Patton, anyone?). …

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How to Master your Mobile Marketing in 7 Rockstar Strategies

February 26, 2016 By Admin

Back in the days, communication was just mere conversation between neighbors and a gratifying slate of mails and telegrams. Today, connecting to the other end of the world is already within spitting distance. Thanks to technology, we are now living in the age of digital drama, where everything bets on the touch of your fingertips. …

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That Ultimate Thing You Need to Succeed: How to Find Your Purpose in Your Career

February 18, 2016 By Admin

If you’ve ever tried winning your dream job, then you probably know how it feels like dealing with butterflies in your stomach and making that bloody step on the staircase as you reach towards the fiery entrance to your interview room. There might have been a thousand voices in your head, begging you to end …

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What Type of Outsourcing Need Fits You?

February 15, 2016 By Admin

Every businessman sees outsourcing as a channel for growth and as a means to reduce operational costs. While some companies do not necessarily need outsourcing help within the BPO industry, others may rely to service providers for the most part of their businesses. In this sense, outsourcing most business functions or operations to places where …

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The 7 Types of Social Media Managers and Everything in Between

February 11, 2016 By Admin

How well do you know about social media? How efficiently do you market your business within its scope? Let’s find out.

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5 Steps to Make Meetings More Effective for Everybody

February 08, 2016 By Admin

Meetings – some people love them, most of us hate them for obvious reasons. As employees, meetings take up valuable time. You sit there, listen to someone talk about a topic that you probably already know about and watch the clock tick your valuable time away – time that should have been spent finishing a …

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5 Deadliest Challenges Startups Face and How to Overcome Them

February 02, 2016 By Admin

Starting your own business might be one of your greatest achievements in life as an entrepreneur. But keeping that business afloat is a harder (and larger) challenge. As there are so many challenges facing startups nowadays, we’ll focus on the 5 most common ones and provide solutions (and advice) for them as well.

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How to Spot Burnt Out Employees and 6 Ways to Motivate Them

January 25, 2016 By Admin

We all had it. No matter what role you have – whether you are an employee, a manager, a CEO, a member of a virtual team, or a business owner –  we all had that one breaking point when we just can’t take it all in anymore. We all understand what it feels like to …

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