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Everything You Need to Know About Web Designers and Developers

December 07, 2015 By Admin

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur looking into promoting your own brand, then you must know how serious it is to try venturing into the online marketspace. Millions of blogs exist in the web while thousands of business tycoons promoting their products and services compete with the same goal in mind – increase their brand’s …

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12 Things to Make Yourself Happy at Work

December 03, 2015 By Admin

Most people say happiness is an inside job. However, based on contrary beliefs, there are moments when no matter how much we try to stretch our smiles far beyond the rim of our faces, we just couldn’t help but conjure the negativity inside us. As awful as it sounds, happiness can sometimes be just as …

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The 5 Toxic People You Should Avoid When Starting a Business

November 30, 2015 By Admin

Starting a business requires a no-nonsense mindset. Just like when going for a trip, the planning stage becomes the most critical phase you have to overcome as it will later define how things will end up like. The takeoff will definitely be just as shaky, but as soon as you find your grip into things, …

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25 Habits of Born Entrepreneurs

November 26, 2015 By Admin

Not all people are born to be entrepreneurs. Some are born to excel in the creatives, while some are destined to become great politicians and social workers. Moreover, there are those people who simply live and breathe for business; they possess the entrepreneurial blood. And this blood keeps running through their veins like it was …

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Types of Virtual Assistants

November 23, 2015 By Admin

With the advent of IT and business development, finding ways to grow your career and business has never been made easier. If marketing a company’s products and services prove to be a painstaking effort over the past decades – these days, it can be made possible with the touch of your fingertips. You just have …

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Outsourcing in Motion: Top 5 Jobs Being Outsourced

November 20, 2015 By Admin

In one way or another, anyone who has tried calling the customer service hotline of a big company may have encountered a foreign accent from the other line. In the early 2000s, the rising demands of agent positions led large corporations to move their customer service functions overseas. Not only was this a smart strategy …

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How to Create a Facebook Page

November 18, 2015 By Admin

Welcome to Facebook – one of the world’s social media giants! This platform is not only useful for connecting friends and associates, you can even use it to market your business. Learn to maximize this type of social media by creating a page for your business or organization. You don’t need to spend dollars or …

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Here is a Great EOD Reporting Template

November 16, 2015 By Admin

Onboarding a new staff member may feel like a roller coaster ride in the first few days – full of jittery reactions and a mixture of pleasure, excitement, worries and anxiousness. To the employee, it is like going over his first steps in elementary school where he learns one lesson at a time. To the …

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