7 Ways Your Mobile Technology Could be Killing Your Productivity

mobile technology

In this day and age, smartphones are key essentials that everybody must have. Things such as calling a taxi, ordering food on the go, and paying bills are only a few of the things that technology can give us. Most people today are glued to their smartphones. They use it to text, check e-mails, socialize, listen to music, or play games, among so many other things. Smartphones are essential to stay connected and have become a vital part of our lives. But, as the saying goes, “With great power, comes great responsibility.”  So can this type of technology be actually bad for us? Can it actually do more harm than good? Today we’ll talk about the 7 ways your mobile technology could be killing your productivity.


There are a growing number of distractions that threaten to infringe on your sleep. A quick glance at the glowing screen on your smartphone at night may turn out to be disastrous. Without self-control, it has the ability to get you glued on it for hours on end. And It is believed that the displays on most smartphones decrease melatonin production which lowers likelihood of falling asleep. Melatonin is a chemical that is released in the body and promotes sleep. The point is that it decreases your sleep time that ultimately zaps you of that much needed energy for tomorrow. Try to put your phone in silent mode and do something that will get you right into bed. Listen to music, read a book or do something that you know will get you sleepy – just don’t look at your smartphone. It may be a tough task but it’s all worth it.

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Why Your Business Needs to Go Paperless


The decision to go paperless can benefit not only your company and your employees, but it is also a way to protect the environment. Aside from the many options being provided by technology, going green is also the trend in businesses right now in order to lessen the effect of climate change. On the practical side, going paperless saves the company a significant amount of money from purchasing office supplies.

If you’re hesitant to practice paperless transactions in your company, here are some points you need to consider that might help you to easily transition into a paperless office.

Going paperless saves time. The tedious routine of printing-filing-searching for documents manually will no longer be necessary. By just holding down “Ctrl + F”, documents will easily be retrieved which can give your employee substantial amount of time to focus on tasks that are more relevant to the company’s success.

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7 Steps to Writing Your Perfect Business Plan


Many entrepreneurs write a business plan only when they need to secure financing. However, a business plan isn’t just a fund-raising tool. It’s an invaluable roadmap for launching and growing your business.

Writing out your business plan forces you to review everything at once: your value proposition, marketing assumptions, operations plan, financial plan and staffing plan. This will answer the question on where you want your business to go and how you’ll get there.

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3 Ways to Deal with Data Breach

data breach

Data Breach is a security violation where a company’s sensitive and confidential data is copied, viewed, stolen or used by an unauthorized individual. Data breach is not an issue of “if” but rather “when”. With this in mind, it’s best to prepare your business for data breach.

You need to face this issue head one, by considering the options for your business’ protection. One of the current solutions is acquiring a data breach insurance, which covers a wide variety of potential cost associated with a breach. Given that this is a new financial instrument, terms and conditions for the coverage may vary from one insurance provider to another.

The breach insurance doesn’t stop data breach from occurring in your company or eliminate accidents; all it does is mitigate the downside of the breach.

These three practical steps will help you protect your organization against a breach:

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5 Questions to Ask Before Firing an Underperformer


Most business owners find it difficult to terminate an employee who underperforms either for legal or emotional reasons. But every business owner must adopt the mindset of being responsible not only to the employees but for the business itself. With an underperformer hindering the business’ success, people depending on the business will also be affected.

Managing underperformance can be a challenging task. But if done properly, it can produce great results. But not all employees respond well to interventions nor strive to overcome occupational hazards or struggles. This is where a responsible business owner or manager needs to consider termination of employment as an option.

But before talking to the underperforming employee, ask these 5 essential questions first to make sure you’re making the right decision and not just acting under the influence of your emotions.

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The 5-Step Formula to Getting Your Financial Freedom: Tips from Financial Consultants


Financial problems often stem from a person’s lack of discipline to delay gratification. Most people are wired to spend most of what they earn and supplement it with loans or credit card debt to support their lifestyle. The rate of people investing and saving for their future is too low, that after spending almost half of their lives working, they are left will barely enough for their financial stability and survival.

Opportunities to prosper are actually abounding in our time today; what people lack is the discipline to make a solid decision to control their spending and the determination to follow through with their resolution to achieve financial freedom.

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How to Turn Rejections into a YES


Rejections don’t always come easy. No matter how successful you claim to be, in a world where business uncertainty is exceeding bounds, to be turned down is as common as running out of your favorite mozzarella pizza. Of course it can be totally disheartening – who wouldn’t feel belittled after a big NO-NO? Well, the surprising fact is that the most iconic entrepreneurs didn’t really get the most gigantic YES’s of their lives. They just knew how to turn these rejections into a beautiful chain of – well yes – their very own slices of mozzarella pizza rolled into a resounding business opportunity.

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That Ultimate Thing You Need to Succeed: How to Find Your Purpose in Your Career


If you’ve ever tried winning your dream job, then you probably know how it feels like dealing with butterflies in your stomach and making that bloody step on the staircase as you reach towards the fiery entrance to your interview room. There might have been a thousand voices in your head, begging you to end your misery by taking that one step back. After all, it would have been just one of the many shots you’ve graciously led yourself into by submitting your resume to countless recruitment facilities. It wasn’t your only choice.

But you didn’t.

You mustered all the courage left in your convulsing legs, made your way to the room, and alas! You were finally winning your dream job. Yes, it was your dream job, not just any other job. At the back of your mind, you’d trade a hundred other offers just to get it.

But why?

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