How to Create a Roster for Your Virtual Team

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We now live in a world dominated by the internet. Our connection with the rest of the world has allowed us to work and collaborate with those we may have never considered before. We get to experience different cultures, as well as coming to the realization that we have a lot in common with people from neighboring countries.

However, creating virtual teams to work on big projects takes perseverance and plenty of organization despite the differences.

Below are five ways you can create a roster for your virtual team for a seamless project experience.

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Virtual Teams: Is it a Blessing or a Curse in Productivity?


Over the last decade the “geography of the workplace” has shifted dramatically. Today’s workforce has become more mobile than ever, and every day, more and more people are working from virtual offices, client sites, home offices, coffee shops, airports, hotels, and any number of remote workplaces.

In the US alone, 20% of the adult working population (26.2 million) in 2010 were teleworkers . It has also been reported that there has been an 80% increase in “telecommunicating” employees from 2005 to 2012.

Why this enormous rise, you ask?

It’s because not only do remote teams allow businesses to reduce costs and recruit talent more efficiently, but they also increase productivity and even worker engagement. In fact, a 2009 Aon Consulting report.

This, of course, doesn’t mean that transitioning to a fully “virtual team” is totally without risk or challenges.  Virtual teams can also be very hard to get right. When team members lack the ability to interact face-to-face, it can be difficult to build trust and to manage conflict. Communication is also often more challenging, particularly among global virtual teams, making it more difficult to overcome cultural barriers, which, in turn, can greatly impact your virtual team’s effectiveness.

So what can you do to maximize the productivity of your virtual team?

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5 Questions to Ask Before Firing an Underperformer


Most business owners find it difficult to terminate an employee who underperforms either for legal or emotional reasons. But every business owner must adopt the mindset of being responsible not only to the employees but for the business itself. With an underperformer hindering the business’ success, people depending on the business will also be affected.

Managing underperformance can be a challenging task. But if done properly, it can produce great results. But not all employees respond well to interventions nor strive to overcome occupational hazards or struggles. This is where a responsible business owner or manager needs to consider termination of employment as an option.

But before talking to the underperforming employee, ask these 5 essential questions first to make sure you’re making the right decision and not just acting under the influence of your emotions.

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5 Steps to Make Meetings More Effective for Everybody

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Meetings – some people love them, most of us hate them for obvious reasons. As employees, meetings take up valuable time. You sit there, listen to someone talk about a topic that you probably already know about and watch the clock tick your valuable time away – time that should have been spent finishing a report before it hits the deadline. We’ve been there – we sat on that chair, waited for that person who arrived 10 minutes late that eventually led to us closing our work day with tasks still left undone. But meetings don’t have to be that bad.  In fact, there are steps that we can take to make our meetings more efficient and, for the spirit of brevity, quicker!

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How to Spot Burnt Out Employees and 6 Ways to Motivate Them

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We all had it. No matter what role you have – whether you are an employee, a manager, a CEO, a member of a virtual team, or a business owner –  we all had that one breaking point when we just can’t take it all in anymore. We all understand what it feels like to be totally burnt out; it’s like walking your way to the office with charcoals in reds and oranges on the flooring.  Pretty deadly, isn’t it?

In any line of profession – may it be sales, marketing, accounting, or technical support – we all have the tendency to become completely exhausted of work. It is normal, of course, but that doesn’t mean we can just shake it off like Taylor Swift. Kidding aside, when left unnoticed, this highly contagious “motivational killer” can infect an entire workforce without warning. It could derail even the best virtual team and can wreak havoc on even the most enthusiastic, diligent, and intelligent members of your group. A demotivated staff can zap the life out of your troop, cause trouble in your work harmony, and decrease the overall productivity of your organization.

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How to Create a Basecamp To-Do List

Trying to keep up with this fast-paced digital marketing world can be truly exhausting, especially when your to-do list keeps getting longer and longer. Not only does it zap out the fun, it literally leaves you feeling restless for the rest of the day, pushing you to mentally check on your list, and enumerate what’s done and what’s not and who’s working on what. Sometimes, we can’t help but itemize our tasks all over the place, even in the bathroom, in the train station, or before going to bed.

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How to Create a Basecamp Project

In order to actively manage and track the development of your projects, it is highly suggested to take advantage of project management tools. As a project manager, it makes your job considerably less of a pain by upsurging efficiency, saving time, and mitigating risks. Without a reasonable project management tool, your project is doomed to fail.

This is a nightmare every project manager doesn’t want to happen; and because the modern age is inhabited by highly innovative people, online project management tools have sprouted like virus in the air, a good one at that.

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Features of Basecamp You Probably Have Not Used (But Should)

Managing a particular project requires commitment and hardcore dedication. Every project manager is aware that a project’s success depends largely on many indefinite factors such as time, resources, people, and unforeseen circumstances. The kickoff may appear slick but just like a river that may rush in anger, as long as the project is running, it will always be susceptible to rough waters.

That is why in order to become an effective manager, you should know the right strategies that can nail your project down to perfection. A great leader knows when to challenge the tide and when to ride along the wave. One of the many considerations you ought to take is investing on a reliable project management tool. Not only does it help you keep track of what’s going on, it allows you to drive better focus and keep your goals in check. However, not all of these self-proclaimed tools prove to be as useful as expected. Some you may find confusing, some may be too much or too less for your project. But if you can find the right formula in leading projects triumphantly, then you are in for win!

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