Engagement Agreement Checklist for Virtual Staff – Why You Need One

Posted on Jan 19, 2016 by admin

When hiring virtual staff, it is essential to streamline the recruitment process by making use of an Engagement Agreement Checklist. Not only does it standardize the onboarding of your new member, it also helps you to fully gauge how your virtual staff is positioned within your team.

What role will the new staff take?

How valuable will he be for your team?

What are the goals you plan to accomplish with his contributions?

By performing early evaluative measures to better understand your virtual staff’s professional take on your business, you will also be able to establish a healthy working relationship with them. In its truest sense, a staff who is not synergized with his employer will surely be unable to yield a sound and polished outcome. In fact, it can only be totally detrimental as it gradually creates rusty ends on your work operations without you even noticing – not until you realize that the damage is already irreversible.

For instance, an employer may assume that assigning several unannounced roles to Staff A over the months promotes efficiency at work. However, Staff A one day reaches his breaking point and quits all of a sudden, leaving the client clueless and wrecked.

Where could the problem be? Apparently, had the employer arranged an agreement checklist prior to formally contracting the virtual staff, things would have gone easier. He would have known his employee’s preferences in relation to his work assignments and had mitigated such risk beforehand.

Another profound example is salary expectation. It is important for the client to be sensitive on whether his staff’s salary demands are met. Before initiating his start day, it is imperative to settle payroll matters first where both can compromise to come up with a good deal.

The points above are only a part of the many components that make up a good agreement checklist. In the end, an agreement checklist is a great way to ensure a win-win deal between an employer and a virtual staff.

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