Features of Basecamp You Probably Have Not Used (But Should)

Posted on Dec 24, 2015 by admin

Managing a particular project requires commitment and hardcore dedication. Every project manager is aware that a project’s success depends largely on many indefinite factors such as time, resources, people, and unforeseen circumstances. The kickoff may appear slick but just like a river that may rush in anger, as long as the project is running, it will always be susceptible to rough waters.

That is why in order to become an effective manager, you should know the right strategies that can nail your project down to perfection. A great leader knows when to challenge the tide and when to ride along the wave. One of the many considerations you ought to take is investing on a reliable project management tool. Not only does it help you keep track of what’s going on, it allows you to drive better focus and keep your goals in check. However, not all of these self-proclaimed tools prove to be as useful as expected. Some you may find confusing, some may be too much or too less for your project. But if you can find the right formula in leading projects triumphantly, then you are in for win!

Remarkably, many of these project management tools are innovative in nature. Take Basecamp for example. If you are using such tool for listing to-dos and assignments, or initiating thorough discussions or sharing of files, then you’ve done  a great job in maximising its lead components. But did you know that you can do more than that? It has tons of features you probably don’t know about. Other than being able to track your time and resources, and getting a solid documentation on how you go about with the tasks, Basecamp can in fact make your project management job easier to handle. It’s a lifesaver for most managers and they mean it. Here are some Basecamp features you should magnify.


Emailing has been and will always be the King when it comes to business communication. But when managing a project, the story might be quite different. Following a long chain of an email message presents higher risk of losing track of valuable information, not to mention the difficulty of finding that specific thread in your inbox especially if you are the type that receives at least a hundred emails a day. Sometimes, a star just won’t work. Furthermore, if a sender forgets to copy anyone, a member may lose track too.

With Basecamp, you can follow discussions on your project, with everyone’s comments and attachments. You get email notifications too and if you don’t feel like logging into your Basecamp account, you can always reply through email as it automatically documents itself in the platform.


Email Lists

This is one great addition to the family.  Basecamp Breeze is an emailing list feature that allows you to create lists for yourself. You can tag at least 50 people for each list where they get a unified basecamp email address. This proves to be useful when sending the same content to multiple people. It definitely saves time and energy as you don’t have to type in each of your recipient’s email address or at least recall who should be included in your email. Send it to that one address and everybody in the group receives it. You can cluster them according to department, such as marketing group, operations group, HR group, etc.

Search Feature

Imagine having to dig in a pool of files and message threads; you will probably go nuts. With this simple yet very powerful feature, you don’t need to spend hours trying to look for lost data. Nope, they are never lost in Basecamp, probably just buried beneath your manifold projects. Just type in any keyword, and the tool will find all stuff containing that. That’s like your Google within Basecamp.



Email Frequency

If you are tired of receiving 10 email notification on separate occasions, you now have the power to control them.  You now have the privilege to get just a summary of all these tiny bits of notifications.



Time Warp

This features allows you to take a trip back to memory lane by transporting you to the very first day of your project. Click on catch up and enjoy traveling!




Download Files All at Once

Save time by downloading files all at once.



There are so many to things to explore in Basecamp and you’re lucky because each of them is carefully designed to suit and add convenience to every user.  So if you think you haven’t used up all of these great features, then start using them so you get a delightful Basecamp user experience.

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