How to Master your Mobile Marketing in 7 Rockstar Strategies

Posted on Feb 26, 2016 by admin

Back in the days, communication was just mere conversation between neighbors and a gratifying slate of mails and telegrams. Today, connecting to the other end of the world is already within spitting distance. Thanks to technology, we are now living in the age of digital drama, where everything bets on the touch of your fingertips.

While this might seem disconcerting to your grandparents, it is beyond question that a majority of today’s generation have dexterously adapted to this electronic revolution. In fact, about 8 billion people in the world are mobile subscribers. Countless high-powered mobile phones have emerged in the market, ultimately changing the way we behave in the digital space. Who doesn’t own a smartphone anyway?  

This remarkable growth of mobile users since the 90s opened doors to limitless opportunities for online marketers. For one, mobile commerce is already on top of the game, where people rely mostly on their apps to purchase and sell items. Indeed, mobile marketing has become a game changer for business owners, and the demands of restructuring and innovating digital marketing schemes continuously increase.

Mobile marketing is  the “it” of today – not in the future. And if you are not fully convinced to start doodling your mobile marketing plan just yet, there is so much you can lose. Consider the following statistics:

People use smartphones more than ever.

79% of mobile users have their phones within arm’s reach all the time. They check their phones at least twice every hour and spend most of their 200 minutes using their apps and mobile browsers.

People do mobile shopping and product research on their smartphones.

3 out of 4 consumers perform product research using their phone browsers before they purchase a product. Additionally, most of them make use of specialized shopping apps to buy what they want.

Mobile advertising will conquer desktop ads really soon.

Many business owners are starting to spend more on mobile apps mainly because mobile sites are now outperforming desktop sites in terms of traffic.

Now that you’re ready to set things in full swing, you need to master mobile marketing. Check out these 7 awesome tips to help you stay ahead of your competitors.

  • Make sure your website is mobile responsive

Considering the fact that majority of people are way too dependent on their smartphones more than their laptops, it is imperative to keep your site’s content easily adjustable when viewed across other devices with different sizes. This doesn’t necessarily need a creation of several versions since a responsive website design already contains elements that allow a browser to download your web page and rearrange the content to fit the viewer’s screen size.

It is noteworthy that sites which are mobile responsive outrank the non-responsive ones. How do you make it responsive then? There are several options. You can either download responsive website themes on WordPress or hire a developer who can string the necessary codes together.

  • Optimize your email so that it adjusts well on mobile

Almost 70% of all emails are read via smartphones. Unfortunately, only a few have managed to optimize their emails to appear visually appealing on mobile. This is a very striking opportunity for marketers to leverage their chances of having their newsletters and promotions noticed.

When sending out to your mailing list, always keep the mobile readers in mind. Make sure that your content is easy to scroll and fluid-width.

  • Shoot multiple target devices

People are not just using smartphones, they constantly switch from one device to another. We are so fond of multi-devices that it has become easier for us to make decisions across various platforms, whenever and wherever we feel like doing it. Statistics shows that most users utilize smartphones for communication and social activities while tablets are fairly used for entertainment and indoor tasks. Therefore, it is highly essential to segment your campaigns between all devices – not just one. It is not safe to assume that this type of audience only uses “this.”

  • Enhance Calls-to-Action functionality

As much as CTAs are an important element to sales conversion, it is without use when displayed improperly. Always see to it that your CTA for mobile can be easily spotted and that the button is handy to tap. You wouldn’t want to miss a sale by failing to optimize your CTA’s functionality.

  • Optimize mobile searching

It is not enough to make your website responsive to mobile devices. Mobile users have distinct needs so you should know how to deliver your content effectively in the mobile fashion.

Is your page fast enough? Most mobile users will close a site that doesn’t load in less than 3 seconds.

Is your navigation bar easy to use? If users find it uncomfortable, they will switch to other pages. That’s how impatient mobile users are.

  • Encourage webrooming

Webrooming is the context used when people perform product research online before actually making a purchase. This is the perfect chance to market yourself by engaging these customers to a soulful interaction as this will eventually lead to product awareness, brand loyalty and revenue. How? Offer your consumers relevant information easily accessible on mobile. Examples include; business location, reviews, ratings, etc. Engage these people to participate on social media sharing, image uploading, and provide incentives wherever necessary.

  • Evaluate your mobile statistics often and revamp wherever needed

When you have already implemented your mobile strategy, don’t forget to monitor how well it does over time. When do users usually use their mobile devices? What piques their interests? How do they respond to your ads? What are the click rates? conversation rates?

If your strategy is working well, then give yourself pat on the back but don’t be too comfortable. The consumers’ needs evolve every waking second, so you should keep an eye on these changes and trends while you adjust your strategy accordingly. You need to understand how your target market communicates and behaves digitally. Always think like a customer and never underestimate the power of mobile marketing.

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