How to Review Time Doctor Screenshots

Posted on Dec 17, 2015 by admin

Can you just imagine how challenging it would be to monitor your team’s productivity when you are managing a virtual workforce? Without a doubt, it is one of the hardest parts of having to manage a virtual team.

Thanks to new time-tracking software applications, many employers are now at ease with their virtual teams. Not only does this type of software helps in establishing trust among your work pool, it also serves as a reliable tool in checking how your staff are doing, how far they are with their tasks, and what hurdles they are facing along the line. Your job as an employer or manager is not limited to checking and making sure they are on time and kicking in, but also extends far beyond the responsibilities of being just a checker. You are the guide, the light, and the motivator to push the staff forward. Doing so can be quite difficult without checking your staff’s screenshots. Most time-tracking tools, if not all, already have this feature embedded in their system.

One of the capital features of Time Doctor is the ability to review your employees’ screenshots. It is a great way to check your staff’s productivity level and task management abilities. Not that you don’t trust them well enough, it shows how much you care for your team. It helps you build trust and confidence with them while allowing you to correct misbehavior.

If you don’t feel like activating the screenshot feature, you can always adjust the setting for every member. You can even adjust the time intervals for each screenshot to take place, and allow members to delete their own unproductive screenshots (which will be deducted from their total hours anyway).

Here are the steps on how to review your team’s screenshots through Time Doctor. Remember, only managers and admins are allowed to perform this as the software has various levels of user permissions and access.

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