How Mobile Phones Make the Best Virtual Assistant

Posted on Oct 04, 2017 by admin

Do you remember when it was company policy in many workplaces to leave your mobile phone in your bag or locker? And if you ever answered your mobile phone, you could be faced with a reprimand? These days, many employees – both virtual and physical, are given mobile phones as part of their contract. So, what has changed? Why are mobile phones suddenly acceptable?

This article shows you how mobile phone is taking staff productivity to an entirely new level.

It allows you to connect to apps with other staff members

As a virtual administrative assistant, it’s very important that you’re able to interact with key staff members on important tasks and projects.

Without constant contact, you may not be able to complete projects with as much ease. After all, collaboration on any project is vital to its success.

Emails can sometimes be a nightmare – especially when you forget to CC important staff members. Emails can also be lost, unread, or accidentally deleted.

As a virtual assistant, the ability to have your finger on the pulse and interact with staff members for the best outcome of a project is important. And, as there are so many apps out there that help provide a platform for group tasks and collaboration, a mobile phone is vital.

It can alert you to when other staff members have written notes, assigned new tasks or achieved goals. It can even tell you when your own task within the group project is due. If there’s an appropriate time where a mobile phone is vital for a project, it is now.

It enables you to keep in touch with your bosses and other management staff

As a virtual assistant, you can often be forgotten. That’s not to say you’re not making an impact in the workplace, but as the saying goes, when you’re ‘out of sight, you’re out of mind’.

This is why having a mobile phone – either assigned by your boss or a personal phone – is important. When you have questions, concerns or just need to update your boss, you can do so by phone. Sometimes email is just not effective, especially if you have concerns to voice. The tone of the email can often become skewed.

That’s not to say having a paper trail isn’t important, but you can always follow up the phone call with an email to reiterate the conversation you had.

But it’s not just the serious stuff that needs to be dealt with on the phone. The best virtual assistant is one who remembers to phone their boss just get to know them a bit better in a professional capacity. The best VA is one who has a strong working relationship with their boss.

virtual staffing solutions

You can keep track of your workload

Mobile phones are proven to be very effective in allowing you to keep track of your workload. When you’re feeling overwhelmed or you’re just not quite sure how to manage your tasks, you can enter them into your phone to provide alerts when something is due. You can even set up your phone to alert you when you need to start on a task. Essentially, mobile phones today are personal computers and can be used in all kinds of situations.

However, not just any phone will do. You will need to purchase a smartphone with app and internet capability. This will ensure you get the most benefits out of it. We recommend either Apple or Android.

You can sync it to your work computer for incoming alerts

When you become a virtual assistant, you have to learn to juggle life and work, all from the one location. Essentially, your work and home life has become blurred. A mobile phone can help you stay in control, even when you’ve decided to step out of home for a moment. However, when you’re away from your computer during the working day, stress can creep in. You may be out and about at the park with the kids, and you rush them home in a panic in case you’ve missed anything. With a mobile phone, this doesn’t have to happen anymore.

In many cases, you can sync your computer messenger programme with your phone to ensure you don’t miss a thing. Although the best way to get work/life balance is by avoiding work emails when you’re with family, some people just can’t do this.

The easiest way to counteract the stress associated with feelings of missing out is by taking your computer with you – in mobile form.

It can be used with Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) software

Because virtual staffing is a relatively new concept, there are still a few kinks to iron out. This has never been truer in the case of keeping virtual staff up-to-date with computer systems, tasks and workflows. It can be hard to juggle daily tasks when you feel ‘out of the loop’ and out of touch with what’s going on in the office. Luckily, there’s a virtual staffing solution in the form of Integrated Workplace Management Systems software.

IWMS software is relatively new, but it’s making the day-to-day operations of any small business or large corporate so much easier. Instead of relying on memos, emails, bits of paper and phone calls, you can use this software to receive real-time notifications on workflow. There are several different kinds of IWMS software, and all can be customised to not only suit the workplace, but the individual as well.

For example, let’s say you’re a virtual assistant in charge of invoicing products and services sold to consumers. IWMS software can provide a notification to your phone when another staff member (within the physical location of the business) has entered a sale into the system. This notification comes to your phone and you can now action the invoice based on the information entered.

It’s an entirely new and revolutionary system that’s now taken your virtual position from sometimes stressful, to completely manageable. This is all thanks to a mobile phone.

Have you seen a change within your workplace when it comes to mobile phone usage? Are you being encouraged, rather than discouraged to use them? We are interested to hear how your workplace operates. Get in touch!


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