Our Services – Virtual Staff and Project Engagement

We understand that every client’s need is different. Hence, we created a model that allows our clients maximum flexibility.

If you are experienced in managing virtual staff, why should you have to pay for an ongoing virtual staff salary to us each month for staff we have sourced for you? Try our virtual staffing service where you manage the staff ongoing and pay only a one time introduction fee.


Are you new to managing virtual staff jobs?


Probably too busy to get your hands on? try our virtual staffing service where we manage everything for you. Simply provide your requirements to your dedicated Client Services Lead.


Your dedicated Virtual Assistant will take care of everything for you.


Looking for strictly outcome based engagements only? No problems! We take pride in our ability to deliver projects for you and have a great track record. We have successfully delivered 100’s of websites, logos and high quality blog articles. Our network of capable virtual assistants means that we can usually deliver most types of digital projects that come our way.

Our staffing solutions cover the following disciplines: