Web and Mobile App Development

Building your company’s web presence takes some time and real effort. Most importantly, it needs a powerful team of web developers, content creators, and marketing specialists to get it completed. Without the knack to build a website that is fully functional and responsive, your brand may lose all the opportunity it could have when it comes to traffic and conversion.

Our team of web and mobile app developers makes use of cutting edge technology and best practices in transforming designs into websites that are fully optimised, functional, and responsive. Our websites and mobile apps are easy to maintain and manage, providing our visitors and clients with ultimate user experience. We are passionate about providing our clientele with not only a great front-end experience, but a back-end security and comfort as well.


We support!

We won’t leave you hanging at the end of the project, our customer assistants are ready to help you with your after-build concerns. We also offer 24/7 website support and maintenance, so your business site stays updated and secured for your customers to see all day!

Our Tech Support Team can help you keep your business operations running smoothly through the use of network and database technology. Our network engineers, database and server administrators, and webmasters are experts of their fields, helping you in maintaining your work systems with ease.

Don’t take your information systems for granted; hire IT specialists with in-depth technical experience so you don’t get the hassle of failing network systems.

We deliver!

Simply discuss your requirements and our project manager will deal with the rest. Our comprehensive style guide will make sure every inch of your website goal is applied. Our web designers are proficient in HTML technologies, multimedia, and designing layouts in CSS. Not sure how your site should ideally look like? No worries! We offer free consultation to help you get to the right objectives. Download our STYLE GUIDE here and send it back to team@vepeople.com to help us understand what your website goals are.

WordPress Development

With about 1.5 billion customisations available, it is no wonder that WordPress is tagged as the fastest growing CMS for the past five years. It is a choice of more than 80% users in the internet, that’s about one in four websites on the web!

WordPress is our personal favourite, as our developers integrate their day-to-day knowledge to their programming languages. And with a vast library of plugins (most of which are free), you are sure to finally own a site that is much cost-effective whilst retaining its optimal functionality.

Mobile App Development

Turn your mobile ideas into authentic, custom, native apps for your customers. We develop prototypes that are fully functional, trendy, and responsive on Android, iOS, and Windows devices – where you can also get a full user experience for testing and review.

Successful websites and mobile apps are able to convert well. With our years of experience in the web design and development industry, we build sites and apps that are both useful and beautiful. Increase conversions now and build your customer base through visitor loyalty. Contact us to know more about what we can do for you and your business.

Digital Marketing

Don’t you think it’s high time to get your brand known to your audience?

Increase brand awareness by implementing the right digital marketing strategies for your business. Our digital marketing team addresses the needs of your target audience whilst fulfilling your brand objectives. We develop the most suitable digital marketing approach so you get an improved conversion rate, greater use engagement, and optimal boost of ROI.


Our marketing campaigns allow your site to increase in traffic, site engagement, and ultimately online sales. More importantly, we use ethics-based approach to digital marketing all designed to provide long term solutions for our clients. Here are our top Digital Marketing Services:

Search Engine Optimisation

Our SEO team helps increase your brand’s visibility over the web, within the algorithmic search results so as to deliver high quality traffic to your website and reach maximum impact of your brand. We help you develop a realistic approach to your marketing efforts with clearly defined SEO objectives. This also includes a full analysis of your website’s internal structure to identify improved keyword targeting and all other SEO aspects.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media promotion plays an essential role in reaching to your target audience across all channels. By understanding social signals and algorithm in major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram), we can help you amplify your brand’s message to get people talking and sharing your content.

Email Marketing

Smart, relevant, and timely – these are the key elements of an effective email marketing campaign. Our email marketers have the expertise to organise highly targeted email marketing solutions through automated systems, using a personalised approach. We ensure that you are able to deliver email content to your clients that truly matters to them.

Content Marketing

What good does a strong marketing campaign bring without compelling content? Our team of creatives can help you create intensive and interactive designs and infographics that can get you shared to leading industry publications, blogs, and mainstream media. Connect your brand to key influencers and brand advocates through our powerful content and design. Think outside of the box – that’s what our highly creative illustrators, graphic and web designers do to win your audience!

Content writing

Start growing your customer base by publishing relevant content to your website. Our content writers can easily engage your target audience through compelling and quality content, specifically tailored to meet your business requirements! If you are looking for professional and SEO-friendly articles, our content writing team can surely win your target consumers. It’s time to bring your content to the next level.

Not sure where to start or how to implement your marketing approach? We sure can help! We offer free assessment to your website’s traffic and marketing analytics, whilst assisting you in finding the right strategy for your brand. How convenient!

The clock is ticking – start growing, start converting! Level up your marketing and let your voice be heard. Let us help you by hitting that GET STARTED button below.

We Manage the Staff for You

manageIt is about time to grow your business without you doing all your business functions at once. Our team of highly experienced Virtual Assistants exhibits a range of expertise that can truly help you manage your business and reach its full potential.

No more doing all the work.

No more headache in hiring unreliable staff.

No more time-consuming monitoring.

We can do it all for you. We manage your staff to ensure they are working from start to end of their shift, every day!

So how do we make things easier for you?

We do the recruitment

Simply provide us your requirements and our HR specialists will search through our talent pool to provide you the Virtual Assistant that best suits your preference. Which type of VA do you need? A social media manager? An SEO specialist? An accountant? No need to keep on scouting through multiple platforms for each type, we are here to deliver exactly what you need!

Not sure what type of VA you will be needing? No worries! We offer free consultation too.

We do the onboarding

No more going through the hassle of onboarding your new staff member. We take care of our VA’s contracts, internal benefits, and everything else! All you need to do is give your assignments on your VA’s first work day and voila! Work starts immediately – no time is ever wasted!

We manage and monitor

We understand how busy you are, that’s the reason why you need a Virtual assistant, right? You don’t need to do all the timekeeping, or payroll for each VA, or strict monitoring of work screenshots – we will take it from here! Our Client Services Lead will make sure each of your VA works on time all the time, and chase after absentees or missing VAs. We also provide week to week timesheet reports, and will inform you of any VA concerns (if any).

What are the other benefits?

Access to Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a time tracking software that helps you monitor your staff real time. It provides screenshots, work timeline, and tracks idle and break times – transparency at its best!

Client Services Lead

Our friendly CSL serves as your point of contact should you need assistance with your VA. CSL makes sure that your staff is working on time and on schedule, and will provide weekly timesheet reports of your VA’s activities. You can always request for Skype meetings with our CSL anytime.


We provide the VA’s necessary communication channels and ensure that the staff adheres to policies detailed on the Client Services Agreement. Our VA’s are fluent in English, enthusiastic, and are able to express themselves well.


Our invoices are simplified. You get one invoice no matter how varied your arrangements are with us! ­An ethical and supportive internal team just itching to share our pearls of wisdom with you.

Contact us now to discuss more about your VA needs. We are here to help.

You Manage the Staff


Great HR professionals are the cornerstone of every business as they can translate your vision of company culture into a reality. Our HR professionals are able to conduct quality sourcing to give you the most competent and reliable virtual assistants you can find offshore.

Take the gruelling process of sourcing and choosing the right candidate from a plethora of applicants off your plate. We interview, scrutinize, and shortlist professionals to hand you the best of the best of options! As soon as you have chosen the right fit, the VA is all yours!

So what are the next steps?

Are you having a hard time in getting a qualified and trusted Virtual Assistant who can help you run your company as smoothly as it should?

No worries, we’re here to help!

Tell us your requirements and we will do all the necessary recruitment processes for you.

What sort of assistant do you need? Do you need someone who can perform outbound/inbound calling, email management, or social media management perhaps? What particular skill sets are you looking for in a VA? How many years of experience do you require? Do you need your VA to work with you full time, or at a particular shift?

Simply jot down the specifics and we will handle the rest.

Our recruitment team will then jump into action, search through a long list of professionals within our network and talent pool, and identify the best candidates who match up your requirements. Our HR specialists have the eye for spotting a great talent, and that’s what we will be bringing into the table.

You will be provided with shortlisted candidates out of the ones we have scrutinized, and the final screening will then be under your discretion. All interview schedules will be based on your availability – that’s convenience at its best!

We search. We scrutinize. We shortlist. You choose. You own!

All this for a reasonable one-time fee. So what keeps you from getting that rock star VA? Contact us to discuss your requirements and we’ll get on it right away.


Are you working on a particular project but not sure which resources to use, who to ask help from, or how to complete the project exactly? Are you into building your company website? Or email marketing templates? Or monthly newsletter perhaps but you don’t know where to go?


No matter how varied or customised your project needs to be, we have the experts to help you get through the day!

How can we help?

We have a team of highly capable professionals who have the appropriate skill set tailored for each engagement. Our web developers, graphic designers, copywriters, mobile app developers are all ready to take action in getting that project completed – no buts, no can’t do’s!

Discuss your project requirements with us and we will help you find the right solutions and the right people to work on it. Sample projects include:

  • Website Development | Design | Redevelopment
  • Mobile App Development
  • Content Creation: Article | Infographic | Newsletter
  • Social Media Content Calendar Creation
  • Email Marketing Templates
  • Data Entry
  • List Building

…and so much more!

State your requirements. We deliver!

We Design Your Logo too!

Need help in designing your logo too? Our affiliate, Logo Delish is more than ready to take action! Reach out to us anytime and we’ll help you get things done pronto!

All our engagements are highly customised to match the project’s output criteria, no matter how big or small the task is. We deliver within agreed timeframes; our CSL being your point of contact – so no need to worry about skyping the whole team and making sure everyone is working coherently, that’s what we are here for!

We value the importance of communication and transparency, so our goal is to make sure you are updated with your project’s progress, regardless of how big or small the milestone is. Your feedback means a lot to us so we take each comment seriously, and we integrate them to our work space as we continue to improve and upgrade our services.

Not sure what you need or how to get it done? Relax. Contact us now and we’ll help you figure it out and get to the right solutions.