We Manage the Staff for You

manageIt is about time to grow your business without you doing all your business functions at once. Our team of highly experienced Virtual Assistants exhibits a range of expertise that can truly help you manage your business and reach its full potential.

No more doing all the work.

No more headache in hiring unreliable staff.

No more time-consuming monitoring.

We can do it all for you. We manage your staff to ensure they are working from start to end of their shift, every day!

So how do we make things easier for you?

We do the recruitment

Simply provide us your requirements and our HR specialists will search through our talent pool to provide you the Virtual Assistant that best suits your preference. Which type of VA do you need? A social media manager? An SEO specialist? An accountant? No need to keep on scouting through multiple platforms for each type, we are here to deliver exactly what you need!

Not sure what type of VA you will be needing? No worries! We offer free consultation too.

We do the onboarding

No more going through the hassle of onboarding your new staff member. We take care of our VA’s contracts, internal benefits, and everything else! All you need to do is give your assignments on your VA’s first work day and voila! Work starts immediately – no time is ever wasted!

We manage and monitor

We understand how busy you are, that’s the reason why you need a Virtual assistant, right? You don’t need to do all the timekeeping, or payroll for each VA, or strict monitoring of work screenshots – we will take it from here! Our Client Services Lead will make sure each of your VA works on time all the time, and chase after absentees or missing VAs. We also provide week to week timesheet reports, and will inform you of any VA concerns (if any).

What are the other benefits?

Access to Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a time tracking software that helps you monitor your staff real time. It provides screenshots, work timeline, and tracks idle and break times – transparency at its best!

Client Services Lead

Our friendly CSL serves as your point of contact should you need assistance with your VA. CSL makes sure that your staff is working on time and on schedule, and will provide weekly timesheet reports of your VA’s activities. You can always request for Skype meetings with our CSL anytime.


We provide the VA’s necessary communication channels and ensure that the staff adheres to policies detailed on the Client Services Agreement. Our VA’s are fluent in English, enthusiastic, and are able to express themselves well.


Our invoices are simplified. You get one invoice no matter how varied your arrangements are with us! ­An ethical and supportive internal team just itching to share our pearls of wisdom with you.

Contact us now to discuss more about your VA needs. We are here to help.