7 Ways To Build Your Brand Through Social Media

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Brand awareness, or as some call it, brand identity, gives people a sense of who you are and what you represent.

In today’s digital networking environment, your brand can’t afford to ignore major networks like Facebook , Twitter, Google+,LinkedIn,  Instagram, Pinterest, etc. When used intelligently, social media platforms provide brands with a creative new means to connect with their consumers. It can help establish brand awareness and recognition online, create a human voice for your customers to interact with and make your brand more accessible to new and existing customers.

But how do you start building a credible online brand?

These 7 strategies can help!

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10 Ways You Could Be Neglecting Your Social Media Campaigns

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Social media marketing is a powerful campaign tool that has the potential to transform your business. When implemented properly, it can increase your coaching business’ online visibility, expand your brand’s presence, and attract new clients.

With that being said, a neglected social media campaign can generate less than stellar results. In this post, we will discuss 10 ways you’re neglecting your social media marketing campaigns that you might not be aware of.

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10 Laws of Social Media Marketing You Should Never Violate

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According to a survey conducted by YouGov, 57% of consumers say they’d be somewhat or very influenced to think more highly of a business after seeing positive comments or praise online.

This just shows that social media marketing, when done correctly, can produce dramatic results for your business. It can help improve your brand’s online visibility while also nurturing your relationship with your customers.

But how do you ensure that your social media marketing strategy will work? Here are 10 laws  to help guide you in achieving social media marketing success.

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6 Crucial Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Web Hosting Provider

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One of the most important decisions you’d have to make when creating your own website is choosing your web hosting provider.

A web host is essentially the service that connects your site to the internet so you need to ensure that your hosting company can support your business needs and wouldn’t create unnecessary hurdles to your website’s success.

But with the thousands, if not millions of web hosting companies out there, how do you decide which one to choose?

This post provides the 6 factors for you to look at and compare to ensure that you’re making an informed decision and end up with a provider whose service is tailored to your specific needs.

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How to Master your Mobile Marketing in 7 Rockstar Strategies

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Back in the days, communication was just mere conversation between neighbors and a gratifying slate of mails and telegrams. Today, connecting to the other end of the world is already within spitting distance. Thanks to technology, we are now living in the age of digital drama, where everything bets on the touch of your fingertips.

While this might seem disconcerting to your grandparents, it is beyond question that a majority of today’s generation have dexterously adapted to this electronic revolution. In fact, about 8 billion people in the world are mobile subscribers. Countless high-powered mobile phones have emerged in the market, ultimately changing the way we behave in the digital space. Who doesn’t own a smartphone anyway?  

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How to Create a Facebook Page

Welcome to Facebook – one of the world’s social media giants! This platform is not only useful for connecting friends and associates, you can even use it to market your business. Learn to maximize this type of social media by creating a page for your business or organization. You don’t need to spend dollars or an hour just to create one. With just a few clicks, you can have a Facebook page of your own.

How important is a facebook page?

For starters, celebrities are not the only people who make use of the platform. Even business titans also take advantage of a Facebook page to gather fans and target audiences who show interest in their products and services. Unlike a regular Facebook account, a page consists of “fans” instead of friends. There is no limit to the number of fans you can acquire: you can have up to millions of them! The more fans you have, the more chances of increasing the awareness for your brand.

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