5 Questions to Ask Before Firing an Underperformer


Most business owners find it difficult to terminate an employee who underperforms either for legal or emotional reasons. But every business owner must adopt the mindset of being responsible not only to the employees but for the business itself. With an underperformer hindering the business’ success, people depending on the business will also be affected.

Managing underperformance can be a challenging task. But if done properly, it can produce great results. But not all employees respond well to interventions nor strive to overcome occupational hazards or struggles. This is where a responsible business owner or manager needs to consider termination of employment as an option.

But before talking to the underperforming employee, ask these 5 essential questions first to make sure you’re making the right decision and not just acting under the influence of your emotions.

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How to Turn Rejections into a YES


Rejections don’t always come easy. No matter how successful you claim to be, in a world where business uncertainty is exceeding bounds, to be turned down is as common as running out of your favorite mozzarella pizza. Of course it can be totally disheartening – who wouldn’t feel belittled after a big NO-NO? Well, the surprising fact is that the most iconic entrepreneurs didn’t really get the most gigantic YES’s of their lives. They just knew how to turn these rejections into a beautiful chain of – well yes – their very own slices of mozzarella pizza rolled into a resounding business opportunity.

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5 Commitments You Need to Make to Become a Great Leader


What makes a great a leader in today’s world?

A lot of us picture a leader that can do it all. A confident, all-knowing person whose decisions benefit all those he protects. Ah yes, it does sound like a description fit for the great leaders from the days of yore (General George S. Patton, anyone?). The aspiring leaders of today have to be more equipped with qualities they can use to deal with different problems that come their way. So what does it take to become a great leader in the 21st century, and what are the commitments you must make?

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