7 Ways Your Mobile Technology Could be Killing Your Productivity

mobile technology

In this day and age, smartphones are key essentials that everybody must have. Things such as calling a taxi, ordering food on the go, and paying bills are only a few of the things that technology can give us. Most people today are glued to their smartphones. They use it to text, check e-mails, socialize, listen to music, or play games, among so many other things. Smartphones are essential to stay connected and have become a vital part of our lives. But, as the saying goes, “With great power, comes great responsibility.”  So can this type of technology be actually bad for us? Can it actually do more harm than good? Today we’ll talk about the 7 ways your mobile technology could be killing your productivity.


There are a growing number of distractions that threaten to infringe on your sleep. A quick glance at the glowing screen on your smartphone at night may turn out to be disastrous. Without self-control, it has the ability to get you glued on it for hours on end. And It is believed that the displays on most smartphones decrease melatonin production which lowers likelihood of falling asleep. Melatonin is a chemical that is released in the body and promotes sleep. The point is that it decreases your sleep time that ultimately zaps you of that much needed energy for tomorrow. Try to put your phone in silent mode and do something that will get you right into bed. Listen to music, read a book or do something that you know will get you sleepy – just don’t look at your smartphone. It may be a tough task but it’s all worth it.

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