Here is a Great EOD Reporting Template

Onboarding a new staff member may feel like a roller coaster ride in the first few days – full of jittery reactions and a mixture of pleasure, excitement, worries and anxiousness. To the employee, it is like going over his first steps in elementary school where he learns one lesson at a time. To the manager, it is like guiding an exchange student with school policies and student responsibilities while making sure the newbie feels welcomed and motivated.

As the new employee gets more and more familiar with his working environment, his need for guidance becomes lesser. At some point, the staff may lose grip of his drive and the chemistry for his work may falter.  It is, therefore, a manager’s duty to keep the momentum over time.

For the manager, it is not easy to oversee everyone’s progress within the team. The challenge even becomes tougher as other factors start to bob up. If managing is hard, just imagine how harder it would be if you are handling a team you don’t see face to face. How then, would you be able to keep an eye on your team?

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