How to Spot Burnt Out Employees and 6 Ways to Motivate Them

virtual employee

We all had it. No matter what role you have – whether you are an employee, a manager, a CEO, a member of a virtual team, or a business owner –  we all had that one breaking point when we just can’t take it all in anymore. We all understand what it feels like to be totally burnt out; it’s like walking your way to the office with charcoals in reds and oranges on the flooring.  Pretty deadly, isn’t it?

In any line of profession – may it be sales, marketing, accounting, or technical support – we all have the tendency to become completely exhausted of work. It is normal, of course, but that doesn’t mean we can just shake it off like Taylor Swift. Kidding aside, when left unnoticed, this highly contagious “motivational killer” can infect an entire workforce without warning. It could derail even the best virtual team and can wreak havoc on even the most enthusiastic, diligent, and intelligent members of your group. A demotivated staff can zap the life out of your troop, cause trouble in your work harmony, and decrease the overall productivity of your organization.

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