5 Ways You Can Unlock Your Creative Potential as a Virtual Assistant

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The difficult part about working in a creative field such as journalism, artistry, or any virtual assistant position, is the inability to keep working if you’re experiencing a block. Unlike labour-intensive jobs or those which require a routine or pattern, creative-themed jobs require you to be creative. This is not possible every hour of every day. As such, you are bound to experience a creative block. Instead of pushing through and producing average work, you need to work through it by stepping away from it. This can seem difficult in a deadline-fueled industry, but you will find that a moment’s rest can well and truly make all the difference.

Below are five ways you can unlock your creative potential as a virtual assistant.

Get out

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This is an order. Get out. Get out of your house. Get out of your chair. Get out of your environment. Sitting in the same chair, at the same desk, at the same computer for eight hours a day is enough to evaporate anyone’s creative juices. As soon as you start to feel a block coming in, or nothing is making sense, get out of your home office.

It’s time to take a break, but the best kind of break is one which involves you leaving the house. Why not go for a walk or a quick run? Take a walk to the shops or just go for a quick trip to the mailbox. Any journey that involves leaving your home is one that will be beneficial.

It’s a quick snap out of the ordinary that helps regenerate and revitalise you for the task ahead.

Change up your routine

If your days play out the same every single day, then it’s time to make a change. You may notice that after several weeks of doing the same things every day and at the same time, you experience more and more creative blocks. This is your brain’s way of telling you it’s bored. You may find your mind straying from the task at hand, you’re not happy with the work you’re producing, or you’re generally fatigued. If nothing else has changed in your life lately, then it’s time to make a change.

You can do the following:

  • Start an hour earlier in order to finish an hour earlier
  • Change your morning beverage of choice
  • Eat toast instead of cereal, or vice versa
  • Have a morning bath instead of a shower, or vice versa
  • Complete a different task first
  • Start your day with exercise instead of work
  • Move your desk so it’s facing a different direction
  • Add artwork to your office space
  • Take lunch earlier or later
  • Eat something different for lunch
  • Do something different on your breaks

There are so many things you can do to change your routine as either a journalist, artist, virtual staffing position holder, or other. The key is to realise at what point that creative block starts, so you can combat it early.

Visit a source of inspiration

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Sometimes there’s just no escaping a creative block. You can feel it coming. It’s the moment you turn your head away from the computer and tap your fingers impatiently on the desk. It’s that time you start picking a fingernail, backspacing a sentence or just smashing your hands on the keyboard.

The clock’s ticking, but nothing brilliant is flowing from your fingers. The process has already started, and now there’s no escape. You have to break free from the computer and do something different.

When being creative is very important, you need to do things which will help get those creative juices flowing. This can mean getting in your car, leaving your workspace, and visiting a source of inspiration.

Some creative writers and thinkers get their ideas and inspiration from art; whilst others draw ideas from the general noises, sights and sounds not far from your own front door. Wherever that source of inspiration is, go and get it.

Some people also find that museums are excellent places to visit when you aren’t in the ‘zone’. Sometimes it’s not the art or the aged artifacts that help you, it’s the people who surround you at the time.

Take plenty of breaks

It makes complete sense but many virtual assistants and freelancers fail to notice when it’s time for a break. Several hours can pass before you even look up from your screen. That’s not to say you should interrupt a brilliant flow of words, but it does mean that you need to be aware of the importance of taking breaks. Working from home has its own set of challenges and that’s why there are so many virtual staffing solutions on the internet. You need to work out your own routine which includes regular morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea breaks. Why is this so important? Failure to eat, failure to drink and failure to rest will more than likely give you a creative block that may not exist if you fuelled your body properly.

Take a break, get something to eat and you’ll be ready to hit the keyboard once more.

What’s stopping you?

Sometimes our creative blocks are caused by something more serious than just lack of rest or boredom. Sometimes our personal problems can begin to inhibit on our working life. When you provide virtual assistant services, or you just work from home, your work life can ultimately become blurred with your private life.

It’s very important for your future in virtual staffing, and in your relationships, to put a clear divide in place.

If you find that you’ve tried all the solutions above, and still you struggle with a mental block, it’s time to look at your home life. Are you distracted by home troubles? Is someone in your life struggling and you’re worried? Do you have too much on and you’re burnt out and stressed?

Sometimes the best solution to a creative block is to just stop. Take a few days off, recuperate, gather your thoughts and pick back up again. In your role, you’re better at your job when you’re at your best.

Have you struggled with a mental or creative block? How did you push through? What did you change? Let us know!

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