That Ultimate Thing You Need to Succeed: How to Find Your Purpose in Your Career

Posted on Feb 18, 2016 by admin

If you’ve ever tried winning your dream job, then you probably know how it feels like dealing with butterflies in your stomach and making that bloody step on the staircase as you reach towards the fiery entrance to your interview room. There might have been a thousand voices in your head, begging you to end your misery by taking that one step back. After all, it would have been just one of the many shots you’ve graciously led yourself into by submitting your resume to countless recruitment facilities. It wasn’t your only choice.

But you didn’t.

You mustered all the courage left in your convulsing legs, made your way to the room, and alas! You were finally winning your dream job. Yes, it was your dream job, not just any other job. At the back of your mind, you’d trade a hundred other offers just to get it.

But why?

Why did you keep going when your body was telling you otherwise? You could tally a hundred reasons why you went anyway – interest, curiosity, passion, hunger – but there could only be one abstract thing that drives them altogether. YOUR PURPOSE.

Success comes in all sorts of forms and its meaning is quite relative for each person. However, our sense of purpose is the one thing that drives us to do what we do, and perhaps better than everyone else. Do you want to be famous? Rich? Do you want to buy a new car, or prove to humanity that you are more than what you seem to be? Feed poor children perhaps? Whether they are silly rhetorical questions or deep-seated ones, these are the questions that define our purpose, and they are the very same reasons that will motivate us to keep doing what we do.

Your purpose as an entrepreneur is like your inner fuel that ignites all the other good qualities of a successful businessman. It ignites your passion, your strength to face adversities, and your willpower to move forward. The absence of such not only invalidates your logic to continue but completely wipes out your stand in the game. There is no “you,” no “direction,” and no “destination” without purpose. You don’t just lose your way out of success, you completely dismiss the slightest chance of being successful ever.

So how do you find your purpose in your career?

  • Create meaning for yourself

A purpose without meaning is not a purpose at all – just a cake full of stuffing.  Creating a meaning for yourself means finding the right formula that makes you happy – things that matter to you the most. If you know what makes you happy, this will serve as an anchor to everything you do at work, or even outside. It adds value to your existence, and gives essence to why you come to work, or why you built your business in the first place.

Establish personal values and make them your basis to anything that comes right after. If you value nature, support sustainable projects. If you value connections, build your community. Just do what you think makes you a relevant person.

  • Maintain a work-life balance

Remember that life isn’t just all about work, money, and work. There is so much in the world that can inspire you to become a better person, or an entrepreneur for that matter. If there is too much on your plate you can’t handle, go find a virtual assistant who can help you keep up and stay on top of your goals. Being successful doesn’t necessarily mean killing your other life and devoting your 40 years to tables and spreadsheets.

  • Live a simple legacy

People mistakenly think that finding a purpose means drafting something that leads to greater impact, like boom! If you think the same, you’re wrong. While this may sound really inspiring, if you get yourself too caught up with this vision, you might get stuck trying to deal with it, or worse, totally lose your purpose in the end. You don’t have to leave a legacy as grand as Mother Theresa’s, or Steve Job’s. You are enough. Find your purpose in the simple things in life.

Being successful is just like winning your dream job. It takes a lot of courage and the path going there may be too risky and steep. In this world where success has become harder and harder to reach, there is only one thing you should make certain of – your purpose. Whether you win or you lose, as you long as you hold on to this ultimate thing in your bones, you will always be successful inside.

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