The 5 Toxic People You Should Avoid When Starting a Business

Posted on Nov 30, 2015 by admin

Starting a business requires a no-nonsense mindset. Just like when going for a trip, the planning stage becomes the most critical phase you have to overcome as it will later define how things will end up like. The takeoff will definitely be just as shaky, but as soon as you find your grip into things, the travel becomes rhythmic and balanced. The same goes with startups. No startup has ever been instant or easy. However, you can make things less difficult by setting your preparations in high gear and avoiding the humps along the road.

So what are these humps you need to avoid? Let’s just say these are the people who don’t contribute to your success.

If you want to build a prosperous business, be careful in choosing the kind of people you welcome into it. As bitter as it sounds, toxic people zap out the positive energy you need in order to run your venture; and most often, allowing them to continuously wreak havoc on your emotional well-being may cause some serious damage not only to your career but to your life in general.

Who are these people? Let’s find out.

  • The Dark Cloud – the person who makes you think you’ll never make it.

Imagine how frustrating it can be when you have everything set up for your startup launch and then somebody calls you up, telling you all sorts of drama you’re going to face in your business. Like it isn’t enough to scare you, this person then starts to make you feel like your business is going to be the biggest mistake you’ll ever make in your career and that you are doomed to fail!

While it is true that starting a business comes with a lot of risks, that shouldn’t stop you to dream on and move forward. Instead, use those pre-calculated risks as your stepping stones to get across the river, and don’t allow the current to drag you down the bottom. It is absolutely normal to face adversities within your course so it is never ideal to listen to these overrated pessimists. These people seem to have dark clouds following them everywhere they go so they need people to join them in their misery. Remember, when it rains, it won’t rain forever.

Don’t be too optimistic either. Be realistic. Unfortunately, the dark clouds are no way near that. They love to shine in their own darkness, so let them – outside your entrepreneurial corners.

  1. The Throwback Antagonist – the person who never forgets your past mistakes.

Just when you have decided to move on with your career after a couple of past failures and boo-boos, here comes the throwback antagonist, unwittingly reminding you of the past mistakes that you have worked so hard to correct.

Unfortunately, they don’t merely throw in pictures of your yesterday’s misprints. They shout it out to the world like it’s the only thing that ever mattered.

Well, here’s what: forget about the past and move on. Everybody makes mistakes. Some people have a dark past they try to get away from. Everybody is entitled to let it go. And nobody has the right to scrub it to your face especially when you have already forgiven yourself. Never allow these people to manipulate your life by locking you into the closet of your past mistakes and using your guilt to control you. Look ahead. There is so much you can do to the future of your business than to be busy minding your past.

  1. The Narcissist – the person who takes jealousy to the next level.

In Greek mythology, there was once a hunter named Narcissus who loved himself so much that he denied everyone who loved him. He was too submerged of his own beauty that he wasn’t able to leave his own reflection from the pool. Eventually, he drowned himself.

Believe it or not, that is the kind of future jealous people behold – into the dark realms of despair, brought about by their greed, selfishness, and too much attraction to oneself. Surely, you wouldn’t want to be around these people, would you?

On a lighter note, being jealous is a normal sensation of the human psyche, just as love and happiness are. In fact, it can be a source of motivation. But when it’s too much, it can be deadly. When people feel jealous about you, that only means you’re on top, and they want that spot, regardless of how they’re going to get it.

Unfortunately, jealous people are too consumed by their own selfish thoughts that they unknowingly push their colleagues down so they remain on top. That is their own version of success. They’ll do everything to take you down so be careful.

  1. The God of War – the person who loves to argue with you.

It is quite difficult to understand why some people just love conflict. They love the drama, the hype of heated debates, and the attention they get altogether. Most often, they disagree for the sake of argument, not for the good of your business. They enjoy pushing your buttons and seeing your face twist in rage. Don’t let them disorient your decision making. You know better.

  1. The Short-changer – the person who takes advantage of you.

Among the list, these people are the most difficult to spot. They can be in a face of an angel, or a knight in shining armor. Don’t be deceived. They may come running to you for rescue – perhaps as a wealthy investor or a dedicated virtual staff – but at the end of the day, you end up being taken advantage of. Most of them will try to implicitly control you, push you to your limits, and manipulate things behind your back, until one day you wake up and your business is no longer in your hands. Trust but don’t be a fool. Always take the driver’s seat when running your business.

Be watchful. Whether these people are just downright selfish, nasty or plainly distressing, it is a must – yes, a must – to avoid them at all costs. Other than stressing the life out of you, they simply do not deserve a spot in your business, more so in your human existence. You’ve worked hard enough to build whatever you have now, so be smart enough to identify these people and stop them from burning your efforts down to ashes.

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