The 7 Types of Social Media Managers and Everything in Between

Posted on Feb 11, 2016 by admin

How well do you know about social media? How efficiently do you market your business within its scope? Let’s find out.

What is social media?

If we talk about such phrase back in the 80s, you probably wouldn’t recognize what it means. Long before, “social” and “media” were both separate terms encompassed by different etymological backbones, with little to no relation. If you happen to string both words together and explain them to your grandmother, there is a very big chance you will have a hard time.

This expression wasn’t categorically popular until 1997, when it was first coined by a former AOL executive, who was quoted using the term “social media” to explain the need to offer places where people can interact in a social environment. Little did he know that such catch-all phrase is now creating its buzz around the world.

The most sensible way to describe social media is to break it down into parts. “Media” is a collective term used to describe our means to communicate to the mass, may it be in print or through channels like radio or television. On the other hand, we use the term “social” to pertain to anything that requires interaction. And since we are now living in the digital marketing age, “social media” is now extensively known as any online entity – normally websites – that not only provide information but also allow people to freely interact and socially connect with others.

Types of Social Media Managers

There is such a vast system of platforms to market into, isn’t it? Not exactly. With the growth of the online community, business owners have managed to hire their own virtual assistant who can play their cards very well in their specific niche. While it is true that social media is downright immense for a marketer to play with, there are particular marketing strategies that make it taste like a piece of cake.

What strategies are you using to implement your Social Media Marketing? How well do you practise these strategies? What makes you a full-blooded social media manager? These are questions you need to ask before you call yourself a real social media marketer. To know how you stand in this field, here are the types of managers that tread across various social media platforms. Are you one of them?

  • The Social Butterfly

These people are the type of managers that do social media for the love of it. How enticing! They have the charm to build large groups of followers organically, probably because they are fresh and always up-to-date with the newest trends. They never grow tired of tapping and clicking on profiles and pages, mainly due to the fact that they breathe for social media even before making it a living. Most social butterflies belong to the Generation Y; no wonder they possess all the patience to scroll and click the entire day.

While this may sound like a truly admirable quality of a social media manager, these people do not have an in-depth training or marketing flair to fully execute an SMM plan. Despite them being experimental with new platforms, they tend to be clumsy and less strategic; therefore they shrink when it comes to crisis management and PR.

  • The Analyst

They are the managers who rely mostly on spreadsheets, metrics, and most importantly; numbers. Unlike the butterflies, they hate goofing around so they stick to what’s proven and tested. They track everything! This is especially useful in monitoring the effectiveness of your campaigns as these people always take the analytical approach. For them, there is no losing in the game. Unfortunately, analysts are afraid to take risks and experiment on new approaches so they have the tendency to get a little behind when it comes to trends.

  • The SEO-ey

These people are somewhat similar to the analysts – they depend on data and metrics –  only that they see social media as their secondary platform to market into. Their first love is blogs and they will do literally anything to get links back to their site, even if it means doing it the hard way. Although this could seem like a very smart approach (and it really is!), there are moments when they totally forget about engagement because they are too preoccupied with their backlinks.

  • The PR

They are the perfume to your business. Most of these people have backgrounds in communication and advertising; so they know when to talk, how to talk, and where to do it. They cover your social media with positive publicity and essentially makes you look good to your target audience. They also do very well in reputation management and in handling negative feedback. However, PRs lack the technical skills to make your entire SMM execution plan work. They may even find it hard to generate leads and real consumers.

  • The Content Genius

They are the viral producers. They make noise in your social media. How? These people have the ability to create great content and are the best of writers. On top of that, they are also skilled curators. They know how to match a specific content to a specific market, even if they had to scout that from other sources. Unfortunately, these geniuses eat up too much time in creating content, thereby sacrificing your ROI. In addition, they find it difficult to deal with the technical aspects, much more with leads and customer returns.

  • The Patriotic Promoter

Hail to the creative advertiser! This type of manager has the innate creativity to spin the wheel of your campaigns. They may sound patriotic at times, but don’t blame them – they do it to promote and pitch. They have the natural instinct to promote your brand and they use social media craftily. However, they think too much of promoting and campaigning rather than building organic followers and engaging users genuinely.

  • The Pure-blooded

These are the purebred social media managers. They are quite rare to be honest as these people are trained intentionally for social media combat. They know everything in social media, mainly because they have been molded through a mixture of professional courses, rigid training, valuable experiences, and sheer love for social media.

Although establishing sound personal relationships to your target market still serves as the oldest and most unparalleled type of marketing strategy, it is inarguable that social media has now emerged as the ultimate channel for building customer relationships – with breadth far wider than what your pen and paper (or mobile phones) can reach. So, what type of social media manager are you?

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