Types of Virtual Assistants

Posted on Nov 23, 2015 by admin

With the advent of IT and business development, finding ways to grow your career and business has never been made easier. If marketing a company’s products and services prove to be a painstaking effort over the past decades – these days, it can be made possible with the touch of your fingertips. You just have to be creative and smart.

It is beyond question that the Internet has become the modern-day focal point of business owners and consumers alike, not only because it is a great channel for communication, but also because it acts as a worldwide library squeezed into a mini screen where you can do a search on just about every topic; and because it is human nature to be smart and innovative, entrepreneurs have taken advantage of this technology – from getting customers online to outsourcing business functions to other parts of the world.

So there goes your virtual assistant, coming to the rescue when the demands of your business become too much to handle. Thanks to your extra pair of hands, your enterprise can still skyrocket as planned; but what do these virtual assistants do in the first place?

They offer valuable skill sets – There is no one-size-fits-all in the name of expertise no matter how skilled you are. Getting help from VAs helps you leverage key resources and knack on a particular field. Surely, you can’t be at par with all the facets of how you should run a business. You need the dexterity of other professionals who can do their jobs at maximum potential, such as SEO, sales, marketing, web development, and more.

Considering the points above, it is only essential to distinguish what functions you need help with. By doing so, you need to understand what type of Virtual Assistant to hire.  One of the common myths online is the existence of a super VA who knows it all. Unfortunately, there is no such VA.

Here are the most common types of virtual assistants you can find online.

Administrative Assistant

This is usually called a general VA.  An admin VA handles most of your daily business routines such as the following:

  • Responding to emails
  • Handling inquiries on telephone
  • Booking client appointments
  • Client follow-ups
  • Calendar management
  • Arranging and taking down minutes of the meetings
  • Database building and File management
  • Setting up general tools and other receptionist duties

Hiring an administrative VA is very practical in the sense that someone else is doing your daily and repetitive tasks for you. These back office and clerical duties do not necessarily need your expertise and are better off in someone else’s hands so you can focus on what you do best. Just think of it as employing your own office secretary – only that you don’t need to spend for a physical office.

Financial Assistant

Everyone knows how critical money is. After all, it’s what makes an entire business run. Therefore, it is very substantial to hire a trusted financial assistant to monitor your cash flow. Balancing your company’s income and expenses can be a real headache so you need a bookkeeping master to handle your financial records and other banking transactions. If you are running a large team, this VA can also help you in payroll and other money-related functions as well. Other duties include:

  • Analysis on account information
  • Reconciling of financial discrepancies
  • Auditing of documents
  • Compiling of asset and liability entries

Internet Marketing Assistants – SEO and SEM

If you have been making your business rounds online, chances are, you’ve tried hiring one of these. The internet is so vast and dynamic that it changes and innovates every minute of everyday. If your company website ranks fairly today, that doesn’t mean it will stay that way for the next week, or the next month. You need to consistently market yourself to remain visible on search engines and that can only be possible with getting an internet marketer to take care of that for you. These people are able to keep up with the fast-paced adjustments of the worldwide web and you may be too busy to even notice these changes and trends. They monitor internet currents, take note of the new drifts, and modify their direction to conform with the latest SEO standards.

They also perform the following:

  • Analyze data to achieve optimum ROI
  • Manage Content
  • Compile website analytics report and PPC campaigns
  • Drive internet marketing campaigns and estimate budget and monthly expenses
  • Analyze website structure to optimize SEO position
  • Target keywords, perform keyword research and analysis
  • Conduct competitor analysis

SEOs and SEMs not only help you boost your company website and your profile’s rank on the web, they also help you advertise your services without really spending a fortune on expensive paid ads.

Web Developer and Designer

All entrepreneurs must face the truth – to increase sales, you have to increase your visibility online. This would never be feasible without the technical and creative depths of programmers and designers. They are the chief constituents of every website that ever existed in the world of the web. They are the carpenters of your virtual entrepreneurial home – they build, design, maintain, and program your website so your customers can see and buy what you sell and so that there is something your SEO experts can optimize to. Other duties of a web designer and developer include:

  • Designing webpage layout
  • Creating backup files
  • Updating and maintaining websites
  • Programming of codes
  • Fixing bugs and website issues
  • Uploading of content and additional pages
  • Making sure website is presentable and SEO friendly
  • Adding features on the website

If you are ready to take your business to the next level by outsourcing a number of your business activities to a dedicated virtual assistant, then it is important to identify the components that need further help. For the most part, VAs do make our lives easier, and it is with their valuable contribution that we become more relevant on the online stage. So own that stage, be smart in knowing what you can handle and can’t, play it hard and be mindful of what type of VA can really bring your business to a staggering success.

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