VE People Meets Time Doctor: Yes to Productivity and Time Management

Posted on Dec 21, 2015 by admin

The VE People Team and representatives from different outsourcing companies met with Time Doctor co-founder Liam Martin on an event dubbed as the Time Doctor Meetup.  The event was hosted by the people behind Time Doctor to allow current and prospective clients to get to know the current and upcoming features of the Time Doctor software.

Time Doctor is a time-tracking facility that allows clients to monitor their virtual workforce with up-to-date integration. Countless employers are starting to use this app as it has proven real benefits in terms of mitigating productivity and time management issues.

The discussion allowed participants to casually mingle with the founders who were happy to answer questions regarding Time Doctor. Liam was quick to admit that it was his own tendency to get easily distracted from tasks that led to the creation of Time Doctor.  He wanted to find a way to monitor productivity from an objective point of view rather than being able to put in a good day’s work just because they worked for eight hours a day.


The event was put together to get additional feedback regarding the new and upcoming features of Time Doctor. They explained that the updates being introduced by Time Doctor are the result of ongoing back and forth collaboration with clients who would like to have some features added or improved.

This and many other topics were discussed thoroughly by Liam and his team. It surely provided the participants a much better understanding of the software, as well as giving them a clear heads-up on what plans are being laid out for the future of Time Doctor.  

Matt Bowd, the CEO of VE People, expressed his thoughts of how this tool has helped him manage his virtual team effectively. In a recent interview, he quoted that making use of a time-tracking software also allows his company to:

“accurately bill clients while measuring the right project estimates and hourly expenses.”

If you’d like to read the interview in detail, check out this link right here.

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